About us
Connecting the cryoEM community of Grenoble

The Grenoble Cryo-EM Club is created to connect local research community with an interest in all aspects of cryo-electron microscopy, from sample preparation to data analysis and beyond. We aim to convene on a quarterly basis, welcoming all members of the research community from the Grenoble area, including students, post-docs, scientists, and principal investigators from various institutions on the EPN campus, CEA, IAB, GIN, and the University of Grenoble Alpes.

Our meetings are intended to serve as a dynamic forum for dialogue, the exchange of ideas, and the sharing of best practices . It is our hope that these interactions will foster new partnerships and initiatives create a vibrant platform for advancing knowledge and collaboration within the cryo-EM community of Grenoble.

Upcoming event

2nd Grenoble cryoEM club meeting

2nd of July 2024
ESRF Seminar Room, EPN Campus, Grenoble

14:00   Meeting introduction

14:05    Keynote talk: Michael Grange, The Rosalind Franklin Institute, UK

15:00   Dharshini Gopal, Grenoble Institute of Neurosciences

15:20   Victor Armijo, EMBL Grenoble

15:40   Iskander Khusainov, EMBL Grenoble

16:00   Closing remarks

16:05   Coffee and poster session