2nd Grenoble cryoEM club meeting

2nd of July 2024
ESRF Seminar room, EPN Campus, Grenoble

14:00   Meeting introduction: Felix Weis, Isai Kandiah, Wojtek Galej

14:10   Short talk

14:30   Short talk

14:50   Short talk

15:10   Keynote talk: Michael Grange, Rosalind Franklin Institute, UK

16:10   Closing remarks

16:15   Coffee and poster session

Keynote speaker

Michael Grange

Michael Grange is a group leader at the Rosalind Franklin Institute in the UK. His research group focuses on using combinations of light and electron microscopy techniques to reveal (ultra) structural information at a tissue level in a robust, high-throughput manner. His group has pioneered the use of plasma focused ion beams for applications in structural biology and volumetric imaging, with the aim to resolve structures inside native tissue on a routine basis within a targeted multimodal framework.

Keynote talk

Cryo-plasma FIB/SEM for in-situ structural biology and vEM

Structural biology studies inside cells and tissues require methods to thin vitrified specimens to electron transparency. Plasma ion sources can be used for ion beam milling, coupling cryoET lamella fabrication to volumetric workflows utilising both SEM and fluorescence of bulk material (tissue). Their ability to be used at high currents mean large volumes can be milled in relatively short periods of time. I will describe methods aimed at utilising plasma FIB/SEM to streamline lamella fabrication and serial cryo lift-out for structure determination that, in combination with serial FIB/SEM and fluorescence, promises a framework for targeting specific features in bulk-frozen samples (>100 µm). I will discuss the promise of these approaches for future developments and how such technologies promise to fit into nascent cryo-CLEM workflows.